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Ooo a seaside-resort, we thought. However, we quickly found Valparaiso’s charm is less beaches and swimming in the Pacific Ocean, more pastel-coloured houses covered in Berlin-esque street-art giving a sort of Glastonbury-town-on-sea vibe. Half ‘we are not hippies, we are happies!’, half a slightly bizarre undercurrent which only a port town can possess. We followed the Lonely Planet’s instruction and climbed the five hills in the town – beautiful vistas, until the last – at the top of which we encountered 3 Chilean carabiniers who, after exchanging a few words about Manchester United and Beckham, warned us of inevitable tourist mugging if we were to pass. The locals of this cerro wanted our iPads to sell for crack, apparently. Thanks LP.


This is at the top of one of the very big hills.



Chilean Cookery Course.
With Boris, our favourite Valparaisian.
Other participants included the two most entertaining deaf gluten free ladies on a cookery course I’ve ever met.
Boris taught us his mother’s Chilean recipes, and took a shine to Blauth.


Here they are shaking up the pisco sours to reggaeton:

CHORILLANA! #chileannationaldish #heartattackonaplate

COMPLETOS! #chileannationaldish #somuchavocado #nomnomnom


Constance and Blauth made some friends:





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