#BA #steak #malbec #glitteratti

Touch down with BA in BA. Pouring with rain. Locate Constance and Blauth’s flat – first navigation by self completed.

20140309-121312.jpg 20140309-121340.jpg

We dined in Palermo; the Soho of BA, I’m told. The variety of eateries and jazzy bars supports this, the price does not. £4 for a steak chorizo and £4 for a bottle of malbec at Las Cabras. Steak and Malbec diet, yes please.

Look at these steaks:


Wander Palermo’s boutiques and pastel streets by day. By night, going to BA NECESSITATES hitting up the glittery, feathery and utterly fabulous gay Caberet extravaganza that is Club 69 at Nessetto. Especially if you’re traveling with a couple and it happens to be Valentine’s Day.


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